The Protestant church leader Rev. Kakeeto leads the Mubende municipal council staffs dedication service at Mubende municipal council headquaters.

As it is the culture of Mubende municipal council in conjuction with the municipal religious leaders, the municipal protestant church headed by the Rev. Kakeeto on 09/February/2023 visited Mubende municipal council and led the Protestant mubende municipal council staffs dedication service.

Rev. Kakeeto in his sermon encouraged the Mubende municipal council staff to love one another and their bosses too, to help one another and to stop any evil acts like witchcraft against each other as is potrayed in other municipal councils. He continued to encourage them to save for their old age as they are today young men and women but tomorrow will be very old men and women and have to retire from work hence need to have saved for their old age and retirement.

Rev. Kakeeto finally prayed and dedicated Mubende municipal council staffs and bosses plus the municipality at large for The Almighty God to bless our land , give our leaders the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to effectively plan and lead our municipality to development from the level we are at to another level.